Should I choose 1:1 tuition or the virtual classes for my child?

As a teacher I frequently get asked ‘should my child see a tutor?’ or ‘my parents are thinking about me seeing a tutor, should I go?’ My answer varies depending on the student that we are considering however, a generic answer would state that 1:1 tuition is not always necessary to help support children. Let me explain...

1:1 is an exceptional tool to use for children who are drastically behind in their education and require intensive support or for children who are academically talented and require additional, targeted support to allow them to make progress to the next level. Similarly, children who have a specific goal in mind for example lessons in examination technique, SAT’s support, 11+ or entrance examination support could also benefit from specific support.

In a normal classroom environment it is difficult to effectively support these children as there are usually large class sizes and a teachers time needs to be divided equally amongst all children within their care. In these circumstances 1:1 support would be a useful tool to help support or extend an individual students knowledge.

The vast majority of students that I have taught do not fall into this category and are adequately supported in a school environment however, if children were to be able to practice their learning at home or in another environment then that experience would be invaluable to allow children to consolidate the knowledge that they have learnt.

I liken this to my own (very average) ability to dance. My pirouettes are currently disastrous however, if I was to receive specific targeted instruction from a qualified teacher and then be offered a practice ground where I could receive additional support from another qualified teacher, I would expect to be pirouetting around my house like a pro in no time at all.

Essentially, this is the whole reason for Excel Virtual School. We are not there to take the place of a child’s primary method of education however, we can provide a platform for children who need a little support, who want to practice their learning and receive specific feedback from qualified teachers. Our goal is exactly the same as the goal of your current child’s teacher. To help children have a firm grasp of the curriculum objectives for the year group in which they are in. Hopefully we can have some fun while doing it too!

If you feel as though your child could benefit from additional support in their learning please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help.

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