Who was your favourite teacher?

I can remember clearly the teachers who were my favourite.

Often they had a great sense of humour, were firm and fair and were enthusiastic when teaching me. These teachers have had a significant impact on me and the way in which I aim to teach my own students. One specific teacher, Mr Tapley used to create the most fantastic stories which would have us all hooked on the carpet. These stories used to take us on adventures to forgotten lands, allow us to explore places that we had never been to (and probably don’t exist!) and allow our minds to race as he would end with cliff hangers that would rival Eastenders. Little did we know that this is a perfect way to promote lateral thinking and by the time we had finished we could not wait to get started on our writing and create our own written masterpieces. He is one example of, in my opinion, an outstanding teacher and I aim to bring the same creativity to my own set of young writers by creating the same buzz through epic story telling.

Was Mr Tapley the most knowledgeable man that I have been taught by? No, (sorry Mr Tapley) but he had the most amazing ability to form and maintain relationships (and I think he still does!) with the classes that he taught. See for me, I believe that this is the most important element to being a teacher. A teacher who can create professional relationships with young learners and then use this as a vehicle to inspire learning, is a teacher who will last a lifetime in the memories of the children they teach.

Who was your favourite teacher?

Were they as good at creating an atmosphere of awe and wonder like Mr Tapley?

Let us know!!


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