Terms & Conditions


* Once an advance payment of £20.00 per child has been made, for 4 sessions (one month), no refund will be given as your child's virtual seat is reserved for the month. 


* Payment to join the next months classes needs to be made before the last day of the previous month. (For example, to join classes in August payment should be received by the last day of July)


* Administration fee of £20.00 per child is non refundable and should be paid at the same time as the first block of 4 sessions or before the first 1:1 tuition. 


* Administration fee of £20.00 per child will only be charged once if a student is in continuous study with Excel Virtual School. 

*If a child is in continuous study and chooses to attend an additional subject no administration fee will be charged for the additional subject.

* Should a student choose to withdraw from classes for a month or longer, another administration fee of £20.00 per child will be required to rejoin classes.


* We appreciate that there will be times that children will attend lessons later than anticipated. During these times, the teacher will try hard to help the student catch up with the learning that is taking place however, this can not always be guaranteed as there will be other students within the class. At these points children should try their best to catch up with the pace of the lesson. No refund will be given for late participation.

*We endeavour to teach all lessons following a ‘live’ approach however, there may be occasions where the lessons are pre-recorded and sent to the students email address. Students will receive their email at the same time as their scheduled lesson and they should aim to complete the learning and send their finished work to their teacher by the end of the day. All work will be quality marked and personalised feedback provided. We will communicate with parents at least one week before if there is any intention of sending pre recorded lessons to children.


*All lessons will be recorded and safely stored by EVS in a password protected file.

*Any information gathered will be kept in compliance with GDPR regulations.

*Google meet links will be shared with the learners half an hour before the lesson begins to their email addresses that have been provided by us, this allows them access to the weekly sessions. These links will change on a daily basis and are specific to that lesson. You should not share the google meet link with anyone.