Here at EVS we also provide a personalised teaching service to children aged between 4-14.  This option is perfect for children who require additional academic support, to challenge more able students or provide 11+ and SAT’s support. We will tailor our program to fit the needs of your child and can cater for the whole range of academic subjects.

Why choose us?

How it works...

When working with children on a 1:1 basis, it is vital that we work in collaboration with your child’s current teacher.  This point of contact is frequently overlooked by some tutoring companies and is crucial to ensure that children do not receive isolated learning experiences.

By liaising  with your child's current class teacher,  we will:

- quickly identify gaps in knowledge.  

- ensure that there is continuity in learning experiences.

-provide structured lessons to target areas of improvement.

- create fun and engaging lessons.

Once you have booked a session, we will:

1. Provide a baseline assessment in the required subject. 

2. Liaise with current school teacher. 

3. Create tailored lessons based on our gap analysis.

4. Sessions begin and ongoing feedback is provided.

*Plus a one time administration fee